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    I need to create a browser application that will be available online and offline. When the user is online, the application will query/add/update a Oracle database. My problem is offline! I need to create a offline version of the browser application that will provide the same functionality. I was thinking that I could have the user download a xml file from the Oracle database before working offline then allowing the application to read/query/add/update the xml file. How could I approach this or is there any other ideas you could give me to accomplish this.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    The problem with XML is that it is difficult to update. The XML data is invariable loaded into memory in a large lump and is thus single user. If multiple users are to update the data then you risk two people updating the same information in parallel - the very problem that locking within a multi-user Oracle environment resolves.<BR><BR>There are now XML databases (if that is not a contradiction in terms?) that might assist but I assume from your question that your current Oracle database is not specifically designed for XML.<BR><BR>Even if single user you will need to develop more code if you use different technologies for the offline and the online.<BR><BR>I assume running Oracle on the offline user machine is not an option. You could possible use another database (e.g. Access). The advantage of using a similar technology (relational databases in this case) is that the online and offline code will be similar and thus you achieve code reusage - less development, less support and more easily changed.<BR><BR>If you do use XML, (I guess it might be justified if you can gain advantage from the XML like sharing the data with other people and/or systems) then I would store updates as individual bits of information (not necessarily XML - perhaps better as SQL update statements), in addition to updating the XML document, and use these to perform the update when you go online. In this way you need only apply the actual updates as opposed to loading the whole document, and apply the updates in order, and in some applications this might be important.<BR><BR>In any case if the system is updated by multiple users you will have to decide on a strategy for this.<BR><BR>I do not want to put you off XML but it is important to use the correct technology that best resolves the problem as opposed to compromising the solution to accomodate the technology.<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>Nigel

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