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    Hello all..<BR>Wondering what I&#039;m doing wrong here. Right now, I&#039;m monitoring the operation of my latest project at the client&#039;s offices, by going in and sitting at the server and checking out how things&#039;re doing. <BR><BR>One thing I&#039;ve noticed, as the dbase is Access2000, it can tend to &#039;grow&#039; on a weekly last Friday, I "compacted and repaired" it and then went home. <BR><BR>Imagine my surprise when they called first thing Mon am and said that the prog wasn&#039;t I got up there right away and they were right. The dbase was NOT accepting any data, and the error was the one that said "Sorry, the dbase is either open by others or not available (or somehting like that) <BR><BR>Sure enough, I couldn&#039;t get it to work. So I created a brand new dbase, and imported all the fields and data, and it worked fine.<BR><BR>Can someone tell me, why does using "compact & repair" do this? And how do I avoid same in future? I believe that all the permissions are set just fine for the dbase to read/ why&#039;d using this utility make it non-communicative?<BR><BR>Jim

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