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    I am trying to create a search page for use with hotels where one of the criteria is the facilities the hotel offers e.g. they will accept pets.<BR>I would like to represent this facility with an image e.g. dog.gif, child.gif, golf.gif etc in a drop down list. It may even be necessary to provide multiple drop downs to allow combination facitity selections.<BR>In the database each facility is currently a bit where 1 represents will accept animals and 0 they won&#039;t. There is also a column that contains the image name for each facility e.g dog.gif.<BR>So my question is in three parts:<BR>1: Can I have a drop down list(s) of images on the search page and how do I do it?<BR>2: If yes how may I relate it to the value in the database?<BR>3: Will I be able to join this to the other search elements? eg the search form might contain facility1 AND facility2 And price &#060;40<BR><BR>

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    You can&#039;t put images in a drop down list I&#039;m afraid :(<BR>However, you talk about needing multiple selects so maybe you&#039;re better doing it another way anyway. Why not use checkboxes next to your gifs and then in your select statement you can check if the option was ticked.<BR>If Request.Form("dogs") = "yes" Then<BR>strSQL = strSQL & " AND dogs = 1"<BR>etc.

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