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    Dave Espley Guest

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    Im creating a database to be used with a web site, the data base contains news stories, these stories need to be indexed from a list of key words, which come from seperate tables, these index word tables are, Counties Mentioned, Technologies Mentioned, Industry sectors Mentioned and Relevant to! each story can have from 1 to unlimited key words from each table. How do I implement this into a database??? : /

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Hi Dave,<BR><BR>To implement a true index that is time- and space-efficient you will probably have to &#039roll your own&#039. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Pick up a copy of the Knuth books ("Volume 3, Sorting and Searching") and look at inverted indexes.<BR><BR>OR, you could consider using a different approach. You could store the &#039records&#039 as separate files within a directory structure, and then use Index Server to index the articles. You can then access the index using an ASP interface to quickly find what you are looking for.<BR><BR>There are other options, but these two seem the most promising to me.<BR><BR> - Mike<BR><BR><BR>

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    Dave Espley Guest

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    Thanks for responding, Im a bit lost as to the Knuth reference?, Index server is not really what I want to use (Ive got copies of verity and Autonomy for those tasks) but I was thinking along the lines of using a junction table that links to the four relevant index tables, and in turn has one link back to the main news table, although this leads to NULL value cells, it allows for an Unlimited amount of keywords to be tagged to the table, or should I have four seperate fields in the main part of the database linking in turn to Junction tables???

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