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    As I try to prepare for the future - ASP.NET seems to be the way to go.<BR><BR>I have seen/read many articles which baffle and confuse.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me to an article which explains the technology and its implications to &#039;ME&#039; a 2 year ASP programmer and my boss a 10 year money cruncher who will have to pay for the new software and possibly training that will be incurred.<BR><BR>DG

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    There are some good articles and links here:<BR><BR><BR><BR>The implications for you are that you keep your skill set up to date (important given the current economic climate). The implications for your bean counter boss are that he keeps his staff motivated by providing new challenges and at the same time can take advantage of the new features that .Net offers.<BR><BR>Seriously though, .Net will take off in a big way over the next few years, but you may have trouble convincing the old Scrooge to pay for it just yet.

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