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    Nick Rosado Guest

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    I am looking for some ASP Code that will prompt a user to fill in some basic info (email address, name, last name, etc) on a form so they can request the price and details of a specific product and receive that info in an email. The info on the product is to come from a MS Acess or SQL DB and their info is iputted into a new table. My advanced thanks.

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    David Highlander Guest

    Default A Question..

    When a user fills out the form to request the price and details of a specific product do you want that info to go to you so YOU can email him or have that info emailed to him automaticly? <BR><BR>

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    Nick Rosado Guest

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    I want the info to go automatically to him from the DB and then I need his personal info stored in the DB with what he requested a quote for, of course, I would have a courtesy copy of the request come to me as well. NR.

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