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    Hello, <BR><BR>I am trying to create a simple script to generates an Excel spreadsheet based on the results of a Recordset from a SQL database. Here&#039;s my error message. <BR><BR>error &#039;8002801d&#039; <BR>Library not registered. <BR><BR>/reports/ExcelGen.Class.asp, line 48 <BR><BR><BR>Here&#039;s line 48 <BR><BR>Set objSpreadSheet = Server.CreateObject("OWC.Spreadsheet") <BR><BR>Any help would great be appreciated. Thanks in advance for all your help. <BR><BR>Elanel

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    Mmm...did you register the .dll that contains OWC.Spreadsheet?<BR>(OWC.dll maybe?)<BR>Just a thought...:)<BR><BR>Cya,<BR>Graz

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