Hi i have written a component it works fine when registered using regsvr32.exe but not when added to component services on a windows 2000 box. <BR><BR>I now get this error <BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Server object, ASP 0193 (0x8002801D)<BR>An error occurred in the OnStartPage method of an external object.<BR><BR><BR>this is the code at the top of my vb project<BR><BR><BR> Private MyScriptingContext As ScriptingContext<BR> Private MyApplication As Application<BR> Private Request As Request<BR> Private Response As Response<BR> Private Server As Server<BR> Public Session As Session<BR> <BR>Public Sub OnStartPage(PassedScriptingContext As ScriptingContext)<BR> Set MyScriptingContext = PassedScriptingContext<BR> Set MyApplication = MyScriptingContext.Application<BR> Set Request = MyScriptingContext.Request<BR> Set Response = MyScriptingContext.Response<BR> Set Server = MyScriptingContext.Server<BR> Set Session = MyScriptingContext.Session<BR>End Sub<BR>Public Sub OnEndPage()<BR> Set MyScriptingContext = Nothing<BR> Set MyApplication = Nothing<BR> Set Request = Nothing<BR> Set Response = Nothing<BR> Set Server = Nothing<BR> Set Session = Nothing<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>as i said this works fine when registered with via regsvr32.exe<BR><BR>thanks<BR>