Date Question!! (Yesterday/today/tomorrow)

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Thread: Date Question!! (Yesterday/today/tomorrow)

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    hi,<BR><BR>I am trying to create a form with 3 radio buttons, each will have a date associated with it, ie. yesterday, today, tomorrow, when the form is submited it should select the appropriate date selected from the DB, Trying to get this working is a nightmare, Any help or sugestions would be great.

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    do a select case or if statement on request.form("dateCheck")<BR><BR>mydate= DateAdd("d",1,Date)<BR>mydate=date<BR>mydate=DateA dd("d",-1,Date)<BR><BR>then just use sql<BR><BR>strSql="select * from myTable where myDateField=#" & varDate & "#"<BR><BR> use the # if you&#039;re using access use &#039; if sql server

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