Hi<BR><BR>I&#039;m using Visual Interdev to create an ASP site that processes data from a SQL Server database. A recordset has been linked to this DB with a grid taking care of the output. I&#039;ve implemented a search feature that uses the following commands to select data from the tables : <BR><BR>Search.close() <BR>Search.setSQLText(SQLString) <BR>Search.open()<BR><BR>SQLString is adapted when the search criteria change. By default, the RecordSet object uses the SQL query "Select * from Overview" to display the full contents of the DB when the page is first loaded. When performing a search, the grid changes correctly and shows page 1/5 of search results for example. However, when using the page navigation buttons created by the grid, the "next" shown page is page 2/685... Apparently, the default query is again loaded once the navigations begins. How can this be redefined, i.e. how can I use the default page navigation buttons to browse my search results instead of the entire table?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks for helping.<BR><BR>Tim<BR>