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    Hello friends,<BR><BR>I need help to solve my query.<BR>How can We make Quicknames like in Microsoft Outlook. ie... rather than writing "Nilabdhi@xyz.com" I could simply write "Nil" and the rest would come automatically.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Best Regards,<BR>Nilabdhi

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    If you want to do it like Outlook Express, where it completes the address as you type it, you would need to do this with client side javascript, using an OnChange event for the textbox. The problem with it is that you need to send all of the possibilities down to the client and build the javascript dynamically. This will take a bit to load for people with large address books.<BR><BR>The other possibility is to do it the way that their web interface works is that you type part of the address and then click a button which causes a reload. At that point, all you would have to do is do a LIKE query with what they typed in and put that value back into the text box. This would be quicker but not as intuitive as the client-side javascript method.<BR><BR>-Doug

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