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    Hi <BR><BR>I need help in the following situation: I have a database that contains product information which I want to show on an ASP page. The database does not contain the images, just the description texts, product names, etc... <BR><BR>My site has been working for nearly one year and a half, and during this time, I noticed that I had been often "frustrated" not to be able to give my product details page the design I wanted for each product : there was one template and it was filled with the product details always in the same way. <BR>Today, as I have to re-design the database due to new objectives and other stuff my boss wants me to integrate in it, I thought I could also think of this. <BR><BR>The problem is : how can I specify a design for a product (or at least have different templates with different number of images and different layouts) knowing the updates have to be made by non-technical staff (= no HTML). <BR>I thought I could make it with XML, but I&#039;m not sure on how to use it in this case. <BR>I&#039;m also not sure whether I should include the images in the database, as the number of images may vary from product to product. <BR><BR>Thanks for any help. <BR><BR>CCM

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    Hi CCM: This is a fairly difficult question to answer. It involves site and database design. For example, you may require some functionality for users to upload images. As for different templates, the XML solution might be a good idea. You may want to consider it, or track the template selections using a database driven design, and use ASP template pages to display the information. You may only need to track the template style and load the appropriate XML file to server up the page. You have some work ahead of you to automate this process for your users.<BR>PL

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