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    Thanks for the reply.<BR><BR><BR><BR>I did look up some suggestions on caching on 4guys and it seems that the way to do it would be the use of application object. Now I&#039;m not sure if the application object would be able to store about 1220 records (each record consisting of several fields). If it is able to, wouldn&#039;t this affect performance too?<BR>Maybe response time is going to be better as I don&#039;t have to connect to the DB and retrieve the records, but what about rendering????<BR><BR><BR>

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    It makes it tough to follow context when you start a new thread!<BR><BR>How big are the records? Let&#039;s say you have 20 fields, with an average field size of 20 characters each (that&#039;s 400 characters per row, across the screen, so unless you "fold" the rows that&#039;s overkill, yes?. So each record, when converted to a string of the form &#060;TR&#062;&#060;TD&#062;...&#060;/TD&#062;....&#060;/TR&#062; will eat up, let&#039;s say, 600 characters? Heck, let&#039;s be *really* generous and say 1000 characters. <BR><BR>Now, each character needs 2 bytes of memory (ASP always uses unicode strings). So that 2000 bytes. <BR><BR>Times 1220. I make that out to be roughly 2.4 Megabytes. Let&#039;s call it 2.56 MB, to be *really* generous. [ You&#039;ll see why. ]<BR><BR>Let&#039;s see...I can buy 256MB of memory for a PC for $40 nearly anywhere in town nowadays. And 2.56MB is 1/100th of 256MB. And 1/100th of $40 is 40 cents.<BR><BR>Can you afford to dedicate 40 cents of memory to this purpose?<BR><BR>[ Yes, yes, I know. If you had 100 applications on the same machine pulling the same stunt then you&#039;d need to dedicate 256MB to the system. Which might still be viable. But patently you are starting to get to the point where you might run out of memory *space*, not memory chips. ]<BR><BR>

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