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    Default ASP and PHP

    Is there a way to go cross-platform between ASP and PHP?! I know that's a general question, but I think you get the idea - I want to be able to call PHP functions/values from ASP and/or vice versa... ANY IDEAS?! Thanks

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    Default Nope...

    The only way would be to invoke an ASP page in PHP (or vice versa...using a component in ASP...see the ASPFAQs).<BR><BR>

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    ive converted a few sites back and forth.<BR>but not co-mingled. <BR><BR>you could do somthing like<BR><BR>fopen("") ;<BR>check the php manual for syntax.<BR><BR>its kinda like server.execute.<BR>when php wasn&#039;t supporting windows system commands i executed asp pages which could.<BR><BR>now that php is much improved and ASP is in transition...<BR>apache 2 will be interesting. no offense to anyone here (i love you all esp. you BW ) - you might consider just using php.<BR><BR>maybe wait for the .net dust to settle. <BR> <BR>like leaving Iran.. you can tell yourself your going back someday and keep a suitcase under your bed.<BR>

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