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    I read that one of the advantages to registering COM objects with COM+, is that you can recompile the COM objects without having to restart the web server. This seemed reasonable since COM+ is an object request broker. However, I was experimenting at home on my Win98 o/s, and this didn&#039;t seem to be the case. I still had to call PWS /stop to unlock the object. Does anyone have experience where this works?<BR><BR>Until now, all the ASP development I&#039;ve done was in house. For delivery to a client, is there a convenient way to package COM objects for installation on another server? Does this have to be done manually with regsvr32?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any posts.

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    1,<BR>I thought the advantages of COM+ were only properly gained on a win 2K server / IIS 5<BR><BR>2,<BR><BR>If U want to distrubute .dlls .ocxs etc via the net ,the normal way is to build a .cab file to allow automatic download to the users PC, (security permitting etc.)<BR><BR>3,<BR><BR>If U want to build a suite of files for deploying to another server whats wrong with the package and deployment wizzard in VB6 (assuming U are using Visual Basic !!)<BR>

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