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    This may be a ridiculous question but:<BR><BR>Can you have a VB6 application embedded in an ASP?<BR><BR>(if you can it would save me alot of re-coding)<BR><BR>T.I.A

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    First of all, their is no such thing as a --&#062;ridiculous question&#060;-- <BR><BR>Now, can you have a VB6 application embedded in an ASP hummm<BR>don&#039;t think you can but what you can have is COM objects which you can create using Visual Basic. For instance imagine you have an html &#060;form&#062;...&#060;/form&#062; which ask your users to enter their credentials then when they &#060;submit&#062; your &#060;form&#062; you can retrieve these values(the ones entered in the &#060;form&#062;) an pass them to the COM object you have created. This COM object should/will be on the server then it may do whatever it is supposed to fo with it. Example, it could either INSERT it in a database, send an email or create a report. The advantage of using COM objects is that they are compiled so they are fast.<BR><BR>Well there is many more advantages just like disadvantages of using COM.<BR>

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