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Thread: Get users login name without dialog box.

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    I posted an e-mail a week ago or so that I wanted to be able to validate a user against the Windows NT SAM database by allowing a user to login to an HTML form without using Challange/Response.<BR><BR>As all great projects go, the client wants to take this one step further. The system I am building is an Intranet system. The web server is going to be on the same domain as the users. Each of the users are running on either NT or 2000 workstations and they need to login each morning before they can access their computers.<BR><BR>Is it possible, without turning on NT CR/Response, to capture the users DOMAINusername?<BR><BR>I would then like to validate this username against a database table of authorized users and/or use ADSI to validate that the user is in a specific NT group (both of which I know how to do).

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    I could be mistaken, but I don&#039;t think it&#039;s possible to obtain their username/domain without having authentication turned ON. If you don&#039;t want them to actually have to enter their credentials on the intranet page, since they&#039;ve already logged on to the network, use a Wins mapping or something. If they use an IP as a URL for a protected resource, they&#039;ll get prompted for their credentials, even if they&#039;ve already logged in via Windows. However, if they use a friendly name such as http://intranet, it will accept their credentials transparently. I know this isn&#039;t a solution per se, but if forcing the user to enter their credentials one more time was the problem, then perhaps this solution will help.

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