Sorry for re-posting this, but I have not received any responses. I have a site with a requirment as follows: Collected information needs to be transmitted VIA email using a CDONTS.NewMail object where a portion of the email is to be in plain text and a portion of it in an encrypted format. <BR><BR>When the encrypted part is sent along with the plain text, Tabs and LineFeeds get inserted in the encrypted portion since the mail formatting is "plain text". <BR><BR>Looking at the various settings for the object such as MailFormat and BodyFormat, I don&#039;t see anything that will facilitate this, but I&#039;m hoping I&#039;m wrong.<BR><BR>1 - Is there any way to generate an Email with both plain text and encrypted text with both residing in the mail body?<BR>1 - Does the encrypted portion need to be in an attachment?<BR>2 - If so, is there any way to attach the encrypted string without having to write it to a file and attaching the file?<BR>3 - Again, If an attachment is required, what should the setting (s) be for MailFormat etc? .. is there some form of a binary setting where the SMTP server will not mess with the encrypted text.<BR><BR>Any insight is greatly appreciated,<BR>Brian B.