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    Hi, <BR> I&#039;m using iis5 and i&#039;m trying to send some mail from an asp page using cdonts.newmail, eveything seems to work fine however the mail doesn&#039;t get sent. There are no errors returned from the webpage. I had a look a the IIS server and the mail is getting queued in the mailroot/queue directory. Are there some IIS settings that i&#039;m forgetting about? Should I be reconfiguring the smtp service? The server runs in a LAN and has an external connection to the internet. <BR> I really need a solution to this problem. Any help would be great.

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    Your smtp-service seems to be incorrectly configured. Check if the server can ping/trace your DNS-server and can perform DNS-lookups. Also verify that the server isn&#039;t blocked by a firewall on port 25.<BR><BR>If neccesary, use a smarthost to forward all mail messages to...

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