Hello.<BR>Trying to figure this out but can not see how to do it.<BR><BR>I want make a ranking system. Quite simple and i have seen them out there.<BR>Lets say i have 100 people ranked from 1 to 100.<BR>Lets say I want to move or Insert Rank # 50 to Rank # 20 position.<BR>Thus in doing so the current holder of Rank # 20 would move down 1 to Rank #21, #21 to #22, etc... all the way down the list.<BR>I.E. Table Ranks<BR><BR>Number, Name<BR>20 John<BR>21 Rob<BR>22 Randy<BR><BR>Want to change like this<BR><BR>Number, Name<BR>20 Randy<BR>21 John<BR>22 Rob<BR>But will be changing 100&#039;s of orders down list.<BR><BR>Almost like i have to give Randy rank 20, then add +1 to every rank 20 and higher.<BR>If i tried 2 Tables<BR>TRank, TNames<BR><BR>Still end up with the problem of changing rank all the way down list of names...<BR><BR>I can not see how to do this in 1 Table or even 2 tables? <BR>Can someone figure out the Puzzle?<BR>1 table or 2 not sure.<BR><BR>Please, any suggestions will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Russell M<BR><BR><BR>