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    strSQL = "SELECT tblUsers.StudentID, tblUsers.ClassID, Assignments.Question, <BR>Assignments.StudentAnwer, Assignments.A, Assignments.B, <BR>I get the error message unterminated string but I have actually closed the string as seen in the code below. Can you help please.<BR><BR>Assignments.C, Assignments.D,<BR>Assignments.E, Assignments.F, Assignments.G, Assignments.H, Assignments.Score <BR>FROM Classes,tblUsers,Assignments <BR>where <BR>(Classes INNER JOIN Assignments ON Classes.ClassID =" Assignments.ClassID) <BR>INNER JOIN tblUsers ON Classes.ClassID = tblUsers.ClassID

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    Default No newline

    You cannot break a VBscript statement or string over several lines. You must use an underscore to indicate that it continues on the next line.<BR><BR>strSQL = "SELECT tblUsers.StudentID, tblUsers.ClassID," & _ <BR>"Assignments.Question, Assignments.StudentAnwer, " & _<BR>" Assignments.A, Assignments.B, " <BR>

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