Hi<BR><BR>I need help in the following situation: I have a database that contains product information which I want to show on an ASP page. The database does not contain the images, just the description texts, product names, etc...<BR><BR>My site has been working for nearly one year and a half, and during this time, I noticed that I had been often "frustrated" not to be able to give my product details page the design I wanted for each product : there was one template and it was filled with the product details always in the same way.<BR>Today, as I have to re-design the database due to new objectives and other stuff my boss wants me to integrate in it, I thought I could also think of this.<BR><BR>The problem is : how can I specify a design for a product (or at least have different templates with different number of images and different layouts) knowing the updates have to be made by non-technical staff (= no HTML).<BR>I thought I could make it with XML, but I&#039;m not sure on how to use it in this case.<BR>I&#039;m also not sure whether I should include the images in the database, as the number of images may vary from product to product.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>CCM