I have a DHTML page that dynamically adds rows to a table based on user interaction. I&#039;m using the Table Object Model (insertRow) to insert rows into the table. Actually, I&#039;m inserting rows into a &#060;TBODY&#062; section of a table.<BR><BR>The rows are successfully inserted into the table and appear correctly on the screen.<BR><BR>The problem I&#039;m having is that I can&#039;t access elements in the new row using the all collection of the &#060;TBODY&#062; section into which I&#039;ve inserted the new row. It appears that only rows that were formatted in HTML when the page was created are available in the all collection of the &#060;TBODY&#062; collection.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve added some test code and I do see the new rows and elements if I loop each row and then through cells and then through the children of each cell.<BR><BR>Is there something I need to do to force the all collection to be updated?