Hi! Like it says, I am trying to run some ASP scripts off my personal web server using IIS 5.1 which came with my XP Pro. Firstly, let me tell you that my scripts are not the problem, my friend has the EXACT same files running perfectly on his Win2000 Pro box using Chilisoft and Apache. Now why don&#039;t I use those two files? I have already tried, same error as with IIS. <BR><BR>Now its not actually an error, it has to do with the FileSystemObject. WHENEVER I try to load a page that contains anything having to do with file access, the page doesn&#039;t load and I just sit on the current page and watch the progress bars just freeze about halfway to the end. Once that happens, no other ASP pages will open until my browser is restarted. If I try to access one of these faulty pages too many times I start getting an error 403.9 Too Many Users connected (I guess because I create too many instances). <BR><BR>So what I&#039;m asking is WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN! I assume it has something to do with permissions on the server or with IIS or something. My friend has it working on basically the same setup. My drive is on a Fat32 partition (have already tried with the NTFS partition.) <BR><BR>PLEASE HELP ME! What can I do!