ASPWizard 1.1D is an all in one package that automates ASP code generation. ASPWizard saves you time, effort and money and caters for both Professional and the less experienced ASP developer. The software incorporates features that save time when compiling repetitive code but still allows less experienced users of ASP to learn the basics of code structure.<BR><BR>ASPWizard generates ASP code just when you need it. The application enables new ASP users to get started with (ASP) and substitutes the hours of code manipulation/generation that experienced ASP users know only to well.<BR><BR>There is now a range of ASP Wizards which automate ASP code generation. All are designed to work with small databases such as MS Access 97/2000,SQL Server 97/2000, ORACLE and ODBC connections...<BR><BR>Download it from<BR><BR>TKS