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Thread: Free Asp mail object?

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    Ian S Guest

    Default Free Asp mail object?

    I know that there used to be a free asp mail COM<BR>object. Does anyone know where to find this or another one?<BR>I think its called macfreeaspmail<BR>I don&#039t think I should have to pay for something so small<BR>for every server. <BR><BR>I&#039ll write the **** thing myself If I have too :-)<BR>And then I&#039ll give it away. die conglomo.<BR><BR>Actually aspMail is a very hardcore product but I don&#039t<BR>need all those features and CDO isn&#039t on the machine<BR>as far as I know.<BR><BR>

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    There are several:<BR><BR>ASPEmail (<BR>JMail (<BR>ASPFreeMail (<BR><BR>Hope this gets you started! :)

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    Ian S Guest

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    Udaman, the ASPFreeMail link on 15seconds wasn&#039t working the<BR>other day. That&#039s actually the one I was talking about. I found <BR>jmail last night and it works pretty well.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Ian

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