Please help this poor man.

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    Eric Lebetsamer Guest

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    I am Building a Conference Room Scheduler for my intranet. I have it built and working but the problem is that I am making 120 connections to the database at once. As you can imagine this gets very slow. This is only temporary but I had to make it work for now. The reason I make 120 connections is because I am using 120 select statements to pull the data for each room and date and time slot. I have time slots in half n hour intervals. Starting at 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. And I have 4 rooms. That is what gives me the 120 connections. I know that there must be a way to only pull one recordset then do something like:<BR>room1a=recordset("room")=Room1<BR><BR>but I have not found a way yet. Please if anyone can help, let me know. Thanks.

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    I did something similar and to combat so many select statements I used SQL&#039s NOT IN statement. I had one table with all times available one for the room and date reservations. The user clicked on a date and a room number and the query would execute. Selecting all times from the TIMES table NOT IN the reservation table matching that day and time. This seemes to work well on large scale reservation systems. For an example of the query email me<BR>

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    Ray Peery Guest

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    Have you looked into the ADO recordset.filter property?<BR>Create the recordset, then filter it instead of re-querying the database.<BR>It&#039s much more practical and efficient in ADO 2.0 than hitting the database over and over.<BR>HTH,<BR><BR>Ray

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