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    Yesterday I posted a question asking how to sychronize frames. When I scrolled one frame I wanted the other frame to scroll also. Someone posted an answer saying it couldn&#039;t be done. Well, I did some more research and here is how it is done. I am currently using this in one of my .asp&#039;s. Here is the code for everyone else&#039;s benefit. One draw back, can&#039;t get it to work with Netscape<BR><BR>Paste this in your main frame after the &#060;Title&#062;<BR><BR>For more information got to<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript1.2"&#062;<BR>&#060;!--<BR><BR>IE4 = (document.all) ? 1 : 0;<BR><BR>leftFrame = parent.frames.leftGuy;<BR>topFrame = parent.frames.topGuy;<BR><BR>if (IE4) onscroll = keepTogether;<BR><BR>function keepTogether(){<BR> leftFrame.document.body.scrollTop =<BR> document.body.scrollTop;<BR> topFrame.document.body.scrollLeft =<BR> document.body.scrollLeft;<BR>}<BR>//--&#062;<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Research window.moveBy in Netscape to achieve the same result. Will Have to calculate amount first window scrolled.

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