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    I&#039;m not sure which section to use but I guess this should be ok as a general section.<BR><BR>Basically, is there a way to pass data from an ASP page to VBA (VB for apps)? Or what is the code to retrieve from a database (esp. Oracle, preferably non-ODBC) in VBA?<BR><BR>My problem is that I need to retrieve data from an Oracle database which I know how to using ASP but don&#039;t know how from my VBA (invoked thru Word). So either I call from ASP but need to figure out how to pass data to VB or else figure out how to retrieve from database in VB. I&#039;ve tried sticking the ASP code into my VBA but that didn&#039;t work (yes, it&#039;s probably because they&#039;re syntax and whatnots are different but I thought I&#039;d give it a try anyways since I&#039;m stumped).<BR><BR>BTW, I&#039;m not entirely 100% what&#039;s the diff. between VB and VBA (& why can&#039;t VBA code working thru regular Word doesn&#039;t work when Word is invoked thru a browser eg. ActiveDocument.close) but seems like there&#039;s some minor differences . Arrgh.<BR><BR>I hope my explanation is clear. If you have any idea (esp. sample code) that would be great Thx.

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    Just use ado to connect to Oracle. Thecode will be similar but to make life easier do stuff like (make sure reference to Active X Data Objects in project)<BR><BR>Dim myRS as ADODB.Recordset<BR><BR>Set myRs = New ADODB.Recordset<BR><BR>&#039;now will get all properties methods for that object in dropdown.

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