I am using my Access DB to categorise my files. I have 3 tables;<BR><BR>tblCategories - Fields Category Name, ID + Desc<BR><BR>tblCategoryFiles - Fields CategoryID + FileID. Many to many table as on File may belong to more than one Category.<BR><BR>tblFile - Fields Filename, ID + link. The link field contains either the URL of the file on my server or an OLE file.<BR><BR>My questions are;<BR><BR>Is this a sensible approach to categorising content, either on my server or on other websites?<BR><BR>In the table, tblFile in order to create the link to the file should I use a field where I input the URL directly (ie. www.myserver.com/myfile.htm) or should I use the OLE option available in MS Access?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any responses. hope I have made myself clear