Got this
part to work (below code) on carriage return for first line only.... i think my format for
is wrong<BR><BR>RegEx.Pattern = chr(60) & "TR" & (".*") & "((
&#124.)+?)" & chr(60) & "TR" & chr(62) & "((
&#124.)+?)" & chr(60) & "TD" & chr(62) & "not found" <BR><BR>Is this the correct format for
to replace only one carriage return? I need to match on this below only as an example with the above so it can be replaced with other code.<BR><BR>&#060;TR ALIGN="LEFT" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"&#062;<BR>&#060;TR&#062;&#060;TD& #062;not found<BR><BR>please someone reply to if you have any idea, im not sure if this is right or not and I need help here badly. I dont know what "((
&#124.)+?)" means except
and its cleaning more than one carriage return at a time I believe.<BR><BR>thanks chris<BR>