implementing a custom 500;100 error message

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Thread: implementing a custom 500;100 error message

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    Default implementing a custom 500;100 error message

    I am trying to implement an error handling routine so that whenever any (and I mean any) asp page on my website encounters an error (whether it is generated becuase of an invalid object creation, sql server not found, syntax error or whatever) to send me an email and gracefully display a cutomized page indicating what the error was with some static text saying that the webmaster has been notified. I have found some sample code to do this here <BR><BR><BR>however I cannot get it to work. I changed the IIS settings to refer to this page and I uploaded it to the root directory of my website. I know the setting in IIS is working correctly because if I just have a standard html page with no asp code in it, it will display the custom page. <BR><BR>As soon as I change the error page to be an asp page, it does not do what it is supposed to do - instead the browser comes up a with a window popup asking if I want to open the file from its current location (the standard window popup when you are downloading a file) or save it to disk. If I specify save it to disk and then look at the file, it is all the asp code for the error page. <BR><BR>Can someone tell me what the heck I am doing wrong? <BR><BR>Very frustrated programmer :(

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    Default Crosspost...Already Answered<eop>


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