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    I am using asp uploader to upload photos to my webspace. In addition to this I need to upload the photo name into a database field. <BR><BR>The path is not important as that is hard coded<BR><BR>Is there any way of extracting just the "photoname.jpg" part of the form entry and storing it in a cookie for the next page to use. or something like that<BR><BR>The form entry could look like this:~<BR>C:My DocumentsPicture 24Picture_24.jpg<BR>so I need to grab just the Picture_24.jpg part and upload it into the database after the pic itself has been uploaded<BR><BR>Any ideas !

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    ASP Uploader? do you mean persits ASPUpload? most uploading solutions provide a way of grabbing the filename (and if they don, they&#039;re pretty useless.)<BR><BR>check the documentation.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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