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    Sachin Guest

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    I have two web servers. The first server will validate the user<BR>and after this the web site in the second server should be used .<BR><BR>I tried doing this via having a line of code <BR>Response.redirect "http://2ndserver/main.htm"<BR>in the login.asp of the first server . <BR><BR>It essentially works but then none of the pages in the website <BR>of the 2nd server are usable .<BR><BR>Is there any solution to this problem ? If anyone has any ideas do let me know .<BR><BR>-Sachin .<BR>

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    Kurniawan Guest

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    How is you security model or authentication method, specifically on the 2nd server, is it NT based or application based (usually include database)?<BR>&#062;&#062; If you are using nt, redirecting between 2 web server will not preserve the authentication. You have to do extra work programatically.<BR>&#062;&#062; Same case happens if you are using application based security.<BR> <BR>Can you elaborate more about those 2 web servers setup? Hopefully I can help :)<BR><BR>

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