Hi,<BR><BR>We are developing a web based application, in which we use a wrapper control ( a control which depends on another control). At first we provided a setup to download these controls and ask the user to install it. But when we change the version it is difficult for the user to install it all the time.<BR><BR>So we tried the internet component downloading which uses an internet cab file to download the controls. The wrapper application is created as a cab file in which the original controller is included as a dependency file. The client is able to download the wrapper if the basic component is installed in the clients.It fails to do so if the basic component is not present in the clients. Is there a way by which we can download both the components form the server?<BR><BR>If so, we can free up our users from any installation/setup hassles.<BR><BR>Any suggestions/help highly appreciated<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Baiju