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    I am having a problem with an html email that I am sending out. I am using css to format the text within the email but in Netscape's email program it does not read the style sheet information. I have tried the inline style tags and a style section in the header with class tags, both to no avail. Hotmail even picks up the inline style information. Is there something that I need to set to tell Netscape that there is css information included? I do get all my images and it is detecting that it is an html mail, all other form elements are being displayed, just no text size, font, or colors.

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    Default how is this an ASP question?

    i know that netscape responds better to px values than pt values on font;ll need to do some research to find out the other differences, and then have two separate CSS include files, and some logic that can sniff out which browser the client is using and include the appropriate CSS file.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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