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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m developing an intranet site using IIS and Windows NT Challenge/Response authentication. <BR><BR>I can retrieve a user&#039;s name from the LOCAL_USER server variable of the Request object. After a user authenticates successfully, Request("LOCAL_USER") gives me something like "Domain/Username".<BR><BR>However, I&#039;d like to gather additional information about the Windows user. In particular, I&#039;d like:<BR><BR>1. The user&#039;s full name.<BR>2. The user id. I need to integrate with some database tables and I&#039;d rather key on the user id instead of the username, which might change over time.<BR>3. The user&#039;s group memberships. I&#039;ve protected areas of the site to allow access only to certain groups; however, it would be nice if my ASP pages could present dynamic navigation menus based on the current user&#039;s memberships.<BR>4. The user&#039;s email address, as determined by our organization&#039;s Exchange Server.<BR><BR>Is there a "whoami" COM object somewhere that can give me this information? Can I look this information up based on the LOCAL_USER value?<BR><BR>Any help is greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>-Paul

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    look up "ADSI" on any decent ASP site<BR><BR>try<BR><BR>www.asp<BR><BR><BR>j

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