Hi Database Brains,<BR><BR>I have a quick question for you about file stucture for images of a product catalog of 1500 presently.<BR><BR>TASK AT HAND:<BR>Image file structure for database driven line listings and product pages.<BR><BR>MY IDEA:<BR>AT THE ROOT HAVE A FOLDER CALLED: images_db<BR>IN THIS FOLDER HAVE SECTION TYPES : flowers(example)<BR>INSIDE THIS HAVE ANOTHER BREAKDOWN: tulips(example)<BR>CREATE A FOLDER FOR EACH PRODUCT (THERE EXIST A PIN FOR EACH PRODUCT - UNIQUE NUMBER): 147 (example)<BR>PUT ALL IMAGES FOR THAT PRODUCT IN THIS FOLDER (1 to 5 images)<BR> <BR>benefits: The most files that a sever has to go though for a particular image is 10 plus the PIN Folders (1-50)<BR>Scaleable. If all of a sudden 100 new tulips are introduced. It is 100 new PIN folders<BR> <BR>problems: You need to know the pin number to access the image<BR>If an image is in the wrong PIN folder it can be hard to find.<BR> <BR>ANOTHER PLAUSABLE IDEA:<BR>SAME AS ABOVE EXCEPT PUT ALL THE TULIPS IMAGES IN: /images_db/flowers/tulips/<BR>and not have PIN folders<BR> <BR>benefits: files are already named by model and are more easily accessed by the people maintaining it.<BR> <BR>problems: If a lot of tulips are added to the product line, The folder /images_db/flowers/tulips/ could have 800 images meaning slower performance<BR> <BR>thanks in advance.....<BR><BR>pelican<BR>