I am trying to set default values for ten items that are going to be used as stored procedure parameters. The thing is that the values are coming from a list box where coices can be 0 to 10. The default value that the stored procedure requires is 0. So all values need to have a default of 0, but if they exist in the string they should take on that value. Here is the code that I am trying, I thought that the split would override the values I set at the top.&#060;%<BR>Dim medicinetypcode(0)<BR>medicincetypecode(0) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypecode(1) <BR>medicinetypecode(1) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypecode(2)<BR>medicinetypecode(2) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypecode(3) <BR>medicinetypecode(3) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypecode(4)<BR>medicinetypecode(4) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypecode(5)<BR>medicinetypecode(5) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypecode(6)<BR>medicinetypecode(6) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypecode(7) <BR>medicinetypecode(7) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypecode(8)<BR>medicinetypecode(8) = 0<BR>Dim medicinetypcode(9)<BR>medicinetypecode(9) = 0<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;%medicinetypecode = Split(Request.Form("right"),",")%&#062;<BR><BR>