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    Hiya<BR><BR>Does anyone know if this is possible?<BR><BR>I have 4 drop down boxes in a form and basically they user is only allowed to select an option from one box the search on.<BR><BR>ie. box 1 - say the user selects the second option<BR>then they go to box 2 and select an option, I would then like box 1 to automatically reset to nothing? Is this possible? Its a bit like how radio buttons work, where you can only select one thing at a time but for drop downs.<BR><BR>Thanks alot, I really appreciate it.<BR><BR>Caroline

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    Sure, just write yourself a little function that gets passed the id of the current selectbox after an onChange event (each selectbox will need this function in their onChange method). In the function, loop through each selectbox, and if the id you passed it doesn&#039;t equal the current selectbox&#039;s id, change the selectbox&#039;s selectedIndex to 0.

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