<b>Setting arrays, to a variables value?

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Thread: <b>Setting arrays, to a variables value?

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    Hi.<BR><BR>I was wondering,<BR><BR>if i want to declare a variable but i don&#039;t know how many options there may be, because its from a value on a form.<BR><BR>could i use<BR>DIM ARRAYNAME(MY_FORM_VALUE)<BR><BR>i did this but got an error, is there another way to do it with out just setting the array size to something that is too big to ever come up from my form.<BR>If i do the latter and only let my client input up to say 100 in my form then would this slow up the response of the page if the client only a variable up to size say 5.<BR><BR>&#060;b&#062;Cheers as always&#060;/b&#062;<BR>Tony<BR>

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    Check the Docs for Redim preserve, this does what you need I think.

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