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    Ok, I hope someone can help!.<BR><BR>Basically I need to start using text files over getting the data from the database every time.<BR><BR>I plan that each time I update the, lets say, navigation links via my admin system in the database I write a text file to the system. Simple.<BR><BR>Before I start I want to know which of these two methods of getting this text file would be better???<BR><BR>1. when I write the file I just put in the data required (link and link name) and then using the File System Object I run through the file and create the a href, list item html and put link and link name to the page OR<BR><BR>2. when I write the file I put it in as pre-written html and then just include the links list into the correct position in the page. <BR><BR>I would think think 2 would be faster, but I haven&#039;t seen it in all my looking around, only 1.<BR><BR>The catch with my site is that I use the same default.asp file for multiple sites (just using different &#039;sid&#039; numbers to identify which site colours, logo etc should be used) and hence I would have to do a SELECT CASE statement to choose which navigation links text file to include (because nav links are different per site).<BR><BR>this brings me to another performance question : How expensive are Include files? - I&#039;m really really really trying to optimise my site, the &#039;Server too Busy&#039; message is far from funny when it means loosing customers!<BR><BR>Please help!<BR><BR>Thanks, Adrian.

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    If you can format it ahead of time you will definately be saving yourself some time.<BR><BR>Include files are not expensive. You&#039;re basically just dumping in the contents of that file, it&#039;s probably the quickest thing you can do. Maybe storing the html in an Application variable would be even quicker.

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