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    Howdy,<BR><BR>I have an interesting issue that I&#039;ve been wrestling with all morning.<BR><BR>Ive got a page that another user on another server is using to process sales for my company. The object is to be able to track when a sale occurs. His page uses ASP for presentation, and CGI to process the form.<BR><BR>Because his page lives in another domain on another server, obviously I cannot use session variables. So my first thought was to use a framed page, and once the URL of the child frame matched the sale completion page, I&#039;d write some basic information to our database.<BR><BR>A problem arose when I attempted to access the URL of the child window. Seems the DOMAIN property of the frames object in JavaScript cannot be read if the pages cross domains, so I have no idea at all where the user is in the process. The developer has written his app so that customization is pretty much out of the question.<BR><BR>Is there any way I can accomplish all or part of the goal, which is to somehow log when a sale has occurred?

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    there are security restrictions which prevent you accessing ANYTHING that&#039;s come from another domain. sorry, you&#039;re a bit stuck

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