Hello, and thanks for your time. THe only cdonts difficulty I am having right now is with RADIO button values from 2 pages or more before the last page where the results are subbmitted.<BR><BR>You see, I have 4 pages, with 25 questions. That&#039s 100 questions. Using frontpage and asp, I get ALL of them emailed to me. Great. But I prefer Cdonts.<BR><BR>So, how do I get (note-all questions are radio buttons) those form values from not just the last page(easy) but two or three pages ago?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Joel<BR><BR>PS. I prefer cdonts to do this as I can space out and it shows where it came from...frontpage does "User NT33ldld" Form results...blah!<BR><BR>And I can&#039t space out text message and the form answers.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Joel