Hello all :-)<BR><BR>I am working on a project with multiple tables storing everything from dates to names to one line sentances. So far everything has worked fine by creating sized fields of the type text or char. But a new thing i am trying to do is store papers worth of information- say 2000-8000 characters, and also pages worth of text- say 40k or lotsa lotsa characters.<BR><BR>How &#039proper&#039 is it to store this much info in a MS SQL 7 database field? (or if you even can?)<BR><BR>I had the thought of having a formated .txt file that would be assigened a file name by a made up index number. Then the index number would also be stored in a SQL table. And then use the indexed number to call up the text file in a frame...<BR><BR>I would love to know what ways are feasable to store and retreive large ammounts of text? Or if there is a standard way of doing this that the big web sites use?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any insite!<BR>Timm<BR>:-)