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    I&#039;m setting up a web page, in which the user will select a record name from a basic drop-down menu which will be presented to him. <BR>What I want to know is how to take the particular record he has chosen, and then post it&#039;s entries onto the web page. <BR>I&#039;m told I need to get some code which has to read out of that particular database.<BR>However, I have no clue how to do that. is there anyone who can help or give me a sample which works?

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    Default Reading part is right...

    ...maybe reading a beginning book on ASP? This kind of stuff should be covered in any decent book. Such as "Teach Yourself ASP in 21 Days" (written by Scott Mitchell, admin of this site).<BR><BR>But for starters, you could go read the "Beginner&#039;s Lessons" and the "Database Lessons" at<BR><BR>

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