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    I have a date field on a registration system that is set to NULL by default. Once a date is entered for the user it is entirely possible that the date will need to be reset to NULL after a certain time period. I would really like to keep a datetime field in the SQL database so I am trying to reset the field to NULL via an update statement<BR><BR>If not isDate(myDate) then<BR> myDate = "NULL"<BR>End If<BR><BR>INSERT INTO DB (DateField) VALUES(myDate)<BR><BR>But this does not work. Instead it resets everything to<BR>"1/1/1900". <BR><BR>So how can I set a variable to NULL and INSERT it in to the database?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>mo<BR>

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    By putting quotes around the word Null, you are sending the word null to thwe database, NOT a Null value. Try without the quotes.

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