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    I want to run an asp script everyday at a specific time hopw do i accomplish do i schedule a job to run an asp script??<BR><BR>i tried but the the job doesnt get executed??<BR><BR>i dont know whats the problem..if there are any alternative to this problem.please suggest me..<BR><BR>bye<BR>ANAND

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    One way is to write your code in a vbs file and get the Windows Scripting Host to run it. You can use a batch file to run the script, the only line you need being:<BR>wscript c:myscriptfoldermyscript.vbs<BR>Then if you&#039;re using 2000 you can just use task scheduler to run the batch file whenever you want. There are other ways though. There is an article somewhere on 4guys about running an asp page every so often, I think it checks in the global.asa so it only works where you are getting regular hits at the time you want to run the page.<BR>Cheers<BR>Dom

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