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    Hi<BR>I have 3 machines that are networked.Out of these 3 machines i have 1 machine as the Main Data Center. I Have written a code and created a EXE file.I run this exe file from the 2 machines which dump the data into THE MAIN DATA CENTER,When i run the EXE file from one machine the records are added to THE MAIN DATA CENTER.But when i run the exe file from the other machine the data doesnt get added to THE MAIN DATA CENTER and i get a weird error "TABLE IS EXCUSLIVELY BY ANOTHER USER OR U DONT HAVE PERMISSIONS TO VIEW ITS DATA.<BR>I want to stick to this code .Please give me the possible solution.<BR>Thanks<BR>Prashant

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    you won&#039;t get away with it in Access. the locking model isn&#039;t really sophisticated enough to be hammered by two different clients. SQL Server can do it. basically machine #1 gets an exclusive lock on the database, then machine #2 gets kicked off.<BR><BR>there&#039;s really no way around it I can think of.<BR>

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