Hi All,<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to use Server Push from an ASP, just to print out some text like the code at the end of this message. I&#039ve tried every possible combination of using<BR>Response.ContentType = "multipart/mixed;boundary=ThisRandomString"<BR>and<BR>Respons e.ContentType = "Content-type: text/plain"<BR>for each individual sections, but I still just get a response that contains the boundary strings. I know that this is trivial in Perl where I can simply print out the headers. has the ASP model been contructed so that Server Push is possible? Surely Yes?<BR><BR>Any help would be welcome.<BR><BR>Nico<BR><BR>- nicholasw@rare***medium.com - remove the stars.<BR><BR><BR>******************************** ************************<BR>I&#039m trying to send something like this:<BR>***************************************** ***************<BR><BR>Content-type: multipart/mixed;boundary=ThisRandomString<BR><BR>--ThisRandomString<BR><BR>Content-type: text/plain<BR><BR>Data for the first object.<BR><BR>--ThisRandomString<BR><BR>Content-type: text/plain<BR><BR>Data for the second and last object.<BR><BR>--ThisRandomString--<BR><BR>